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Home Inspection Basics for the First Time Buyer


Buying a home can be a stressful and intimidating process, especially if it is your first time. One area that you may find even more complicated is the home inspection process. To help you navigate through the complicated ABC's of home ownership, we've crafted a basic home inspection checklist of five things to keep in mind when researching home inspectors for your new home

  1. Make sure the home inspection company has the right credentials. It is essential that the home inspector you hire has the proper licenses and credits to back up their inspections. The last thing you want is to be scammed by a company that is supposed to helping you.

  2. Expect a professional report. Once  professionals have inspected your potential property you should receive a properly formatted report  complete with photographs,  Some inspectors only provide hand written or check list reports, which will offer little information.  This is one of the most important tips on our home inspection checklist.

  3.  Be present during the inspection.  Nothing beats a hands on in person inspection, especially if this is your first time buying a home.  The insight and information you receive during a home inspection is invaluable,  Home inspections are set in place to help buyers know what they are getting themselves into, so set aside a couple of hours to follow your inspector and learn as much as you can about the home you are purchasing.

  4. Insist on a thorough inspection of the structure and foundation of the home. the plumbing, electrical, and foundational aspects of the home are essential to the longevity of your new property.  Your home inspection checklist should include an intimate inspection of the ins and out of all of the working parts of the home.

  5. Expect the inspector to be open and honest about all aspects of the inspection.  When you buy a new home you are in the drivers seat, so you have a right to expect accuracy and full disclosure  from your home inspector.


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