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The EPA has no threshold levels for mold in the home. But they do offer a great deal of information and recommendations regarding mold and its remediation. Here is a link for more information  

Mold and the EPA

 Mold Testing Protocols and Equipment

Mold Issues in the Home

Nothing else can impact your quality of life quite like the presence of mold in the home.  From the respiratory issues it can cause to the damage it can do to the interior of the home, to the foul smell it causes, having mold growth in the home is the last thing a new home owner wants to find.  Our System will alert you to the presence of mold in the home, the concentration and the types of mold present, giving you the information you need before you close on the property. If you suspect a water problem has occurred in a home you are considering purchasing, a comprehensive mold analysis may be the perfect addition to your home inspection. 

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