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inSpec  Property Services LLC.

Home Inspection

Whether it's your first home or your tenth, you want a professional to inspect and report on the condition of the property.  We are here to make sure you have a clear picture of the properties current condition and those items that need attention.  During the course of the inspection, we will point out issues and maintenance practices that will help you maintain the long term value of your investment.  Go to our  Home Inspection   page for more information 

Drive By Inspections

For property owners and bank or finance company held real estate.  For a nominal fee we will visit your property to insure it is safe, secure and undamaged, and supply photos and any check list items that you require at your request.  

Baltimore County Rental Inspections

We will inspect your rental property in Baltimore County and file the necessary paperwork. Trust us to give you a complete and fair assessment of the condition of your rental property. Professional, quick  and reasonably priced, giving you and your tenants the piece of mind you need, and keeping you compliant with county regulations.

Radon Gas Testing

Using an FDA approved system, we will conduct a short term Radon test in the home and in as little as 2 days have the results back to you, Radon Testing is a cost effective and important tool in keeping your family safe.  For more information see our Radon Testing Tab.

​Mold Testing

If you suspect there is mold in your new home, air sample testing is a cost effective way to determine the extent of the problem.  Most results are available within 72 hours after testing. Check out our Mold Testing tab for additional information. 


RecallChek is available as part of each inspection, at no additional charge. This service runs a background report on your major appliances and lets us know if there are any recalls on your homes most costly equipment.  Just request RecallChek when booking your inspection.

90 Day Warranty

We offer all of our RecallChek clients a Limited warranty good for 90 days after the inspection, if an item we report as working fails within the warranty period, you will be covered for repairs.

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Home Inspection

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